America the Beautiful

Photo America the Beautiful by xtoratoratorax
Nature & landscape
Colorado Springs, CO
I went on a trip to Colorado Springs, CO this summer. I've never seen mountains in my life and on the trip we took the tram up to the top of Pikes Peak. It was the most beautiful thing I've seen traveling and I really hope I repeat this experience. I learned that America the Beautiful was actually written on this mountain and inspired from it. It really did make me a little patriotic. You could see over 400 miles away, its not until you see something like this do you really realize how large the USA really is. I really wanted to express the scale of the rocks and the distance (which is actually a little foggy because of weather conditions and also the wildfires nearby). I recently took the photo off of my computer and added it to a flash drive, I could not find that particular flash drive at the time and I really wanted to upload the photo. I took it off another portfolio site to add on here so the resolution is a little smaller than usual.
Colorado summer mountain Rock vacation Pikes Peak Scale
by xtoratoratorax 24 august 2012 3 feedback