Ocular Eclipse

Photo Ocular Eclipse by KarDanCreations
Digital darkroom
As seen from the dark side…
Life may be out there, just not as we know it.

Experimenting around with a space theme. Created and edited with Corel Paintshop Pro Photo. I got the inspiration when I saw an image of Saturn.

Compiled from various stock photograhic images, and additional digitally created items. The base image was Saturn and it’s illuminated rings as seen from the dark side by NASA space probe.
I flipped the original stock image, added the starfield background and the separately created ‘hand made’ eye.
I also created other planets and moons with shadowed outlines, the ‘sun’ and starburst effect, and finally enhancing the glowing eclipse surrounding the edges of this planetary life form perhaps gazing back at us from another galaxy.
sun eye Stars imagination rings space digital planets science fiction imaginary
by KarDanCreations 24 october 2012 4 feedback