Photo Sabot-age by Keith
Documentary & news
Date taken:
Historical Gardens, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Olympus E-510
These are replicas of wooden shoes worn by the French Acadian people of l'Acadie (New France) back in the 1700's.
Known as "sabot" they were not the most comfortable things to put on your feet. Also the root of the word "sabotage" where workers would throw their wooden shoes (sabot) into machinery in revolt to factory owners maltreatment of them.

I choose B+W as opposed to colour because of the limited colour gamut of the subject and floor. It (the original colour shot) had low contrast but after converting to B+W with Silver Efex pro 2 and a little tweaking with some sharpening filters I managed to coax out some texture and detail in the floor boards.
Shot with available light that was coming through the door way of the cottage (same location as my previous shot "Chez Nous a l'Acadie".
B+W Historical Wooden Shoes Sabot
by Keith 31 january 2013 5 feedback