Wedge Pond Reflections

Photo Wedge Pond Reflections by Keith
Nature & landscape
Wedge Pond, Kananaskis Alberta, Canada
Olympus E-510
I was on my way to a completely different location on this particular morning when I drove by and noticed from the road that the water in this small pond was mirror smooth. Not something that happens too often in the Rockies so when it does you take advantage of the situation. I quickly set up my equipment, Tripod, Panosaurus Pano head, filters, check camera settings, scout out good vantage point, find overhanging trees for framing. All this and hope like hell the wind didn't decide to pick up and make ripples on the water.
This is a 180 degree panorama stitched photograph consisting of 35 photos (taken from a -20 deg pitch to a +60 deg pitch). Three shot HDR on each photo (that's 105 photos in total taken). Processed with photomatix (HDR) and then stitched together with Auto Pano Pro for the panorama and then tweaked in Photoshop. This photo took me about 6 hours to produce.
The real beauty cannot be seen in this small format but when viewed in its original size the details of the distant mountains can really be appreciated. Looked awesome when printed 18" X 24".
Hope you enjoy this offering.
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