fusion old and new edinburgh

Photo fusion old and new edinburgh by dan54231
Street & architecture
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so here is my fusion photo that previously went viral over facebook creating over 1200 likes and 300 shares
i took nthe photo to show how edinburgh hasent changed over the years the origional photo is from the 1900's no specific dat unfortunatly :( i spent 1.5 hours on princes st with a copy of the old photo trying to get the composition focus and apperature to match also find the spot the origional photographer must have used
ther reason i like it is the ghostly aspect of the photo
and the street lights on the left (old ones) unfortunately they haver gone now but can still be found on the bridges
anyway i hope u like the photo as much as the facebook community did

thank you
danny charge photography :)
old new edinburgh fusion
by dan54231 27 march 2013 5 feedback