Venus Rising

Photo Venus Rising by Keith
Digital darkroom
Lower Eel-Brook, Yarmouth County, NS. Canada
Olympus E-510
So, got this awesome Photoshop Action that stacks multiple exposures (available at and decided to give it a whirl. Got up at 4am to go shoot at my first planned site but street lights and the orientation of the Milky Way was proving to be troublesome. So, plan B. Went to another location about 5 miles away and I knew that there were absolutely no chance of street lights or light pollution from nearby communities.
I was blessed with a crisp clear sky, fairly warm temps of only -4 C and dead calm - no wind what-so-ever.
This is a compilation of 35 images each taken at 60 seconds. For a total of 35 minute exposure.
ISO was 1600
Shutter speed 60 sec
Aperture f/3.5
14mm Zuiko lens

The only thing I didn't plan for was light painting. It was so dark the chapel didn't render much detail and I wanted something more than just a silhouette so I used my on camera flash for one frame. It made a rather bright area directly in front of me on the ground so I had to create an adjustment layer in PS to darken that area.

So my very first of hopefully many to come star trail images.

In retrospect I should have gone there at 2 am to get a longer trail as by the time I was done the sun was staring to come up.
night long exposure star trails Chappel
by Keith 7 april 2014 7 feedback