Lakebrook Falls

Photo Lakebrook Falls by Keith
Nature & landscape
Date taken:
Lakebrook Falls, Digby County, Nova Scotia
Olympus E-510
1/4s f/3.5 ISO 100 14mm
Surfing the net the other day and sawa nice B+W of a waterfall. Normally we see colour shots but this B+W caught my eye so I decided to go back into my archives and look for some waterfall shots I took a few years ago. The original (colour shot) had a very harsh green cast, due mostly to the fact the light falling on the scene was filtered through the lush green canopy of the trees surrounding these falls. So, I thought it was a suitable candidate for B+W.

I have converted to B+W, gave a light cyanotype tint to the image but I'm not quite sold on it yet. There seems to be something lacking and I can't quite figure it out. I want this to be a dramatic image. The reason for the choice of tint colour was that I wanted to keep the illusion of a cool shaded environment. Maybe it's just lacking in content or maybe it needs some burn or dodge done to it. I'm considering burning in the rocks on the sides and keeping the water brighter (as it is now not making it any brighter).

Any and all suggestions are welcome.
I have enabled the Revision feature so you can all give it a go.

Thanks in advance
long exposure waterfall B+W
by Keith 25 april 2014 5 feedback