Weekly Challenge-Buildings/Architecture

Photo Weekly Challenge-Buildings/Architecture by johndunkle
Street & architecture
Date taken:
1/500s f/16 13mm
Weekly Challenge - Show Us Your Images of Buildings or Architecture (ends April 5, 2015). Thanks @Skypilot (Linda! ;) ) for this weeks theme and congrats on your win in the previous challenge..!!

Please note! this is NOT your standard Image Comment/Critique thread! So, PLEASE KEEP READING! Rather, it is a new idea that a few of us have come up with to allow you to show, and have your images voted on - and, it won't cost you a single Token... Ready? This will be fun.. BUT - Please Read the Instructions on How to Enter and How to Vote in my post below starting off with "Instructions".

And for those who might wonder - the contest image was taken for a client of mine when we actually had "green grass" ;) We hope to see anything "green" soon ;)
by johndunkle 29 march 2015 20 feedback