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The Denver Broncos run defense was arguably the most disappointing aspect of the entire team this last season. While many fans will point<a href="">Austin Howard Womens Jersey</a> to the struggles of the Broncos offense, and specifically, the short comings along the offensive line, it was in fact Denver’s rush defense that took the greatest step back from the Super Bowl Champion season. It led to the disappointing 2016 campaign, which caused Denver to miss the playoffs the first time in John Elway’s tenure as the Broncos GM.
This past year, the Denver run defense went from a dominant 3.3 yards per attempt and 83.6 yards per game in 2015 — both ranked 3rd best in the league — to 4.3 yards per attempt (ranked 18th), and a sorry 130.3 yards per game (ranked 28th).
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by Chad Jensen
Mile High Huddle03/08/2017
While it is not fully fair to expect an historic defense to keep up their level of dominance on the ground after losing both Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan to free agency and Vance Walker to injury before the season even started, the step back the Denver defense took this past year needs to be shored up if they wish to return to the playoffs in 2017. One player who many hoped will fill in for Jackson last season — and going forward — is defensive lineman Adam Gotsis.
Adam Gotsis was selected by Elway and the Broncos with the last pick in the second round, thanks largely in part to Bill Kollar’s pounding the table for the kid. Despite a great frame and a decent get off, many considered the selection of Gotsis to be a reach, as he was raw.
He had limited football experience coming over recently from Australia, as well as coming off of an ACL injury. Despite these two factors, Gotsis was put into action and his results were as one would expect for a raw rookie defensive lineman coming off a pretty significant injury.
Let's examine Denver's Week 15 loss to the New England Patriots, where Gotsis saw a significant share of snaps.
Play 1
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On this play, Gotsis is lined up on the outside shoulder of the right tackle Marcus Cannon, with two tight ends inline. Closer to the time of the <a href="">Arik Armstead Jersey</a> snap, ILB Todd Davis comes down from the second level to line up directly over the right tackle, shading slightly towards the B gap and showing a blitz.
At the snap, Davis crashes into the right tackle, while also drawing the attention of Patriots right guard Shaq Mason. Gotsis' job is to stunt and rush the A gap between the RG and center. Doing so, he must allow Davis to first initiate contact with the RT, stick close to Davis’ rear, all while moving laterally and ‘boomeranging’ his way into the quarterback’s face.
Gotsis does a great job on this play, showing a decent burst out of his stance, maintaining his balance as he moves laterally and bursts into the backfield. Gotsis is just a tick too fast for the Patriots RG Mason, and able to get past him and apply pressure to the quarterback's face.
Gotsis does a good job staying low and keeping his balance as he moves laterally, wasting none of his movement as he moves up out of his stance to provide burst into the backfield. Tom Brady’s pass to running back James White falls harmlessly incomplete, thanks mainly to the interior pressure provided by Gotsis and his interior pressure.
Play 2
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This is something that happened far too often with Adam Gotsis last year, as well as many other Broncos defensive linemen. On this play, Gotsis is lined up over the B gap between the Patriots LT and LG, Nate Solder and fellow rookie Joe Thuney.
Gotsis fires off decently on this play again, showing an okay burst out of his stance for a nearly 300-pound defensive lineman. While Gotsis is attempting to shoot the B gap and make it in the backfield to find the ball and cause disruption, the Patriots lLG Thuney uncoils and uses Gotsis’ momentum to shove him into the turf.
Thuney then shows his intelligence and aggression by getting on top of Gotsis and pushing him back into the ground, ensuring Gotsis would have no chance to get back up and pursue the ball down the field. By immediately getting wrestled to the turf, Gotsis is quickly washed out of the play. Gotsis will need to continue to add power and strength to his core if the Broncos are going to improve on run defense next season.
Play 3
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On this 1st-&-20, the Patriots are looking to pick up some more yardage to give themselves a more manageable second down. Denver stays<a href=""></a> in their base formation here with three defensive linemen and two outside linebackers, due to the potential run threat with LeGarrette Blount in the backfield, despite Brady being lined up in shotgun.
Gotsis is lined up over the B gap between the Patriots RT and RG. At the snap, Gotsis shows again marginal get off. Gotsis attempts to use his hands to try to disengage from the RG’s block attempt, while making himself ‘skinny’ through the B gap.
Unfortunately Gotsis comes up a little too high out of his stance and doesn’t use his hands well enough to keep the RG from engaging with Gotsis’ chest plate and controlling him at the point of attack. Having the advantage of leverage, the RG is then able to neutralize Gotsis and knock him backwards after initial contact.
With time in the pocket, Brady is able to find Julian Edelman down the right sideline for 15 yards, setting up a very manageable 2nd-&-5. Gotsis will need to work on staying low, as well as his hand technique and ability to swipe blockers hands off him, if he is going to improve as a pass rusher in one on one situations next season.
Play 4
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This is 1st-&-10 in the third quarter with the Broncos trailing the Patriots 13-3. Denver is still very much in this game, but they are going to need to get tough in the trenches and stop the run if they are going to give their offense a chance to get back on the field and tie the game.
Unfortunately for the Broncos, that does not happen and this play exemplifies why they weren’t able to slow the Patriots down. On this play Adam Gotsis is lined up over the B gap between the Patriots’ RT and RG. The Patriots are lined up with one tight end and one running back.
Before the snap, Tom Brady motions wide receiver Chris Hogan over next to the tight end. At snap, the Patriots LG pulls showing a power run play to the right side of the line. Gotsis is double-teamed and almost immediately loses ground against the RG and RT, opening up a lot of room for the lead blocking lLG and the trailing running back.
In multiple occasions on this game, Gotsis was faced with and struggled to anchor against double teams, being driven back multiple yards or planted into the turf. If Denver’s run defense expects to improve next year and Gotsis wants to be a part <a href=""></a> of that, he will need to get stronger and be better at holding his ground and anchoring against doubles.
If Gotsis had been able to better hold his ground on this play, it could have caused a lot of disruption on the play and potentially stopped the Patriots running back right at the line of scrimmage. Another way to beat double teams is to be quicker and shoot the gap between the doubling offensive linemen, but Gotsis has not consistently shown the necessary burst to do that yet in the NFL.
Play 5
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This is my favorite Gotsis play in the entire game, despite not getting credit for a tackle. On a 2nd-&-7 situation, with the Patriots driving and the Broncos still down 13-3, Adam Gotsis shows the tools that should give the Broncos and fans hope that he can develop and take the next step in his career.
On this play, Gotsis is once again lined up over the B gap between the RG and RT. Gotsis fires off the snap with good balance and leverage and gets his hands into the RG’s chest plate to drive him slightly back.
With Mason in Gotsis’ clutches, Gotsis keeps his eyes in the backfield and looks for the ball-carrier, diagnosing the direction the running back is supposed to run. Gotsis quickly interprets that the ball-carrier is running behind his fullback up the middle on a draw, disengages from the RT, and shows excellent lateral agility and length to get his hands on the running back, helping the Denver front seven hold the running back for just one yard.
Gotsis shows it all on this play, with a strong get off, good leverage and balance, proper hand technique, quick possessing speed, and quality agility to help slow down the Patriots rushing attack on this play.
This is just a snapshot of a single game’s analysis of what Gotsis offers the Denver defense going forward. From watching the tape, it is easy to see what Bill Kollar loved so much about the kid when watching his college tape at Georgia Tech.
Adam Gotsis has a fantastic frame with strong motor and above average athleticism for a man his size. However, also from watching the tape, it is easy to see that Gotsis needs to continue to add strength to his core and lower half in order to better anchor against double teams and not get knocked off the line of scrimmage.
Gotsis also needs to continue to work on maintaining balance and leverage off the snap while using proper hand technique to disengage from blocker. He does not display incredible explosion in his play.
But if he listens to Kollar’s advice, who recently told Gotsis he needs to hit the weight room hard to get bigger and stronger in order to have a better<a href=""></a> impact on the line next season, then one should expect Gotsis to develop into a quality starting NFL defensive lineman and help improve the Broncos woeful defensive line play from last season.

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