What is the FIFA 17 Player of the Year

From time to time, EA Sports releases a special card for Player of the Year award winners of certain leagues, with significant stat increases from their previous card. Just like POTM cards, they are Heroes purple cards. You can know more about the several players cards types available in fifa 17 ultimate team coins , clicking here.

You can win one of these POTY cards when completing specific fifa 17 pc coins Squad Building Challenges or in the packs / FUT transfer market. When available in a challenge, they are usually based on the chosen player’s league and nationality. Depending if there is a SBC or not, they can be untradeable or tradeable.

In this page you can check all the newfifa 17 xbox 360 coins cards, the release dates, the reasons why they were awarded and the stats.

Every single month, EA Sports makes a selection of the most in form Premier League players of the previous month. The community votes in the favourite and the winner receives a purple FIFA 17 POTM card with boosted stats. Usually, EA also releases a new squad building challenge around the player of the month.

In this page you can check all the POTM nominees, the winners, the results, the dates and the new FIFA 17 cards. To Buy Fifa Coins you can find from

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