Boy bullied on school bus suffers concussion

Velupe, Arizona(KWTX) A woman wants answers from the Robinson ISD after her son suffered a concussion from a bullying incident on a school bus.

Priscilla Shotwell of Robinson said her 12 year old son was getting the bus on the way home on Feb. 1, When one student tossed the boy's bag at his head and another pulled him out of his seat.

Assistant Superintendent Tim Vancleave said the district was made aware of the position, And that disciplinary actions were taken but he wouldn't provide information.

"She said her son was sprained on the bus on Monday, And so when it came to our favor, Our management staff looked at the situation, Explored it, Spoke when using the students involved and then appropriate discipline was administered at that time, He was quoted saying.

Shotwell said the discipline involved barring the two students from riding the bus stay https://www.dolphinsgearprostore.com/, But she said she wanted to speak to the students' parents custom dolphins jersey.

She said she believes the district didn't tell the parents precisely what happened to her son.

"I believe reason for it, There's no reason for my son to be in pain and stuff and their child walk around with a slap on the wrist because the school didn't take the measure to be sure that they knew what exactly their child had done,

Shotwell said she need to meet with the superintendent next week and if she is unable to, She'll attend the particular following school board meeting to voice her concerns.

The district's student guide book defines bullying as conduct that"Has the consequence or will have the effects of physically harming a student, Damaging a present pupil's property jarvis landry jersey white, Or placing a student in respectable fear of harm to the student's person or of damage to the student's property,

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