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Every year Zach Gentry Jersey , all the hype around the NFL draft is built up around players that will likely be picked in the first round. they aren't the only ones. Every so often a gem is found waiting at the back end of the draft to be picked up as a developmental player that polishes into a Hall of Famer.The risk versus the reward when drafting a player in a later round has much less of a margin than when picking in an earlier round. If a player drafted in the seventh round can’t manage to make his way into the starting lineup, it isn't as devastating as if a player who is selected in the first round has the same outcome. It is also more rewarding when it is your team that picks the player that leads your team to multiple championships.A great number of these players were also great in college, however a number of factors such as what conference or division a school is in, the size of the school Melvin Gordon III Jersey , and even the physical size of the player can hep decide if a team finds it in their best interest to take a chance on a player that has played against lesser competition or will be smaller than their opponents.Fortunately for some players, the size of their heart and the desire to put in the work ultimately led to their success. Here is a list of some of the greatest players in NFL history that were looked over repeatedly before a willing team finally gave them a shot.*All stats were taken from Pro-Football-Reference.com. Outside of a wild, game-ending, lateral-filled Hail Mary to end a game, there is no single play more exciting in football than a successful kick return. For starters Joey Bosa Jersey , kick-returners have got to be a little screwed up to do what they do. On a kickoff, 10 players are barrelling down on you at breakneck speed (and the kicker) with the intention of knocking your head into the nosebleed seats of the stadium - and it's even worse during a punt return, because if a gunner times his run right, he could get a good shot in on a punt returner who isn't paying attention.If the returner does manage to escape the wrath of the opposing special teams, it means he's out there looking The Road Runner being chased by Wile E. Coyote - zipping through the grasp of opposing players and zagging through packs of massive bodies en route to the endzone.For as wild and haphazard as the whole thing looks Nick Bosa Jersey , kick returning is in fact a beautiful art form within the rugged game of football. It takes incredible vision, razor sharp instincts, animal-like reflexes and enough speed to outrun a gazelle. Put all that together and you have the perfect returner.Over the years, there have been plenty of return-men who have come and gone. Some have flashed with a TD return here and there, while others caved under the enormous pressure of the position.There were a select few L.J. Collier Jersey , though, who took the art of kick-returning and transformed it into a masterpiece. While kick returners are usually considered an afterthought, the names on this list earned a reputation as the most electrifying players of their era - so talented that they alone were worth tuning in to their teams on game day.

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