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Former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is among the many sharing fond memories of longtime Broncos owner Pat Bowlen Courtland Sutton Jersey , who died on Thursday.Manning talked to the Broncos’ website about his memories of Bowlen.“I met Mr. Bowlen for the first time when I played for the Indianapolis Colts and I was over in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl when he was also there at his Hawaiian home,” Manning said. “I saw him several times throughout the years and had short, brief conversations with him that I really enjoyed. Coming to play here for Denver, even though his health was declining, I did enjoy a couple of conversations with Mr. Bowlen. In my first year in 2012, I was here a lot in the offseason. As soon as I signed with the Broncos, I was basically living at the facility — studying film, rehabbing and working out. I was usually one of the last to leave the facility during that time. I say, ‘I thought I was the last to leave,’ but Mr. Bowlen was still there. He’d usually be in the training room on the elliptical, and I would go in there and have conversations with him. He was asking me if we found a place to live yet, and I remember once I told him we found a place to live, he told me he used to live right near there, and we talked a little about that. Just short, brief conversations, and I enjoyed that time with him.“It was an honor to play for Mr. Bowlen’s organization Royce Freeman Jersey White , as I’ve said numerous times. I always had great respect for the Denver Broncos during my time playing for the Colts competing against his organization. So much of that credit goes to Pat Bowlen and his desire to be the best and to win.”Bowlen, who died at the age of 75, will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August. Earlier today, Broncos insider, Mike Klis joined the Orange and Blue 760 crew to talk the Broncos head coaching search. From what he is hearing, it has essentially come down to a two-man race at this point, and he believes Fangio is the favorite. “As Elway said at his press conference, when he was asked the question ‘what he is looking for in a head coach’, he said he is looking for someone to be great on one side of the ball, and they don’t get much greater than Vic Fangio, especially in the 3-4,” Klis said. He also mentioned that while most the league is likely looking around for the next Sean McVay, Denver is likely looking at the success of more seasoned (old) coaches in Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, and Andy Reid who have been not only successful, but very stable Courtland Sutton Jersey White , something Denver hasn’t had at the head coach position.If Fangio ends up being the hire, Klis elaborates that he would be the expert on the defensive side of the ball, and Gary Kubiak would be the main guy on the offensive side of the ball; not necessarily the offensive coordinator/play-caller, but “he’ll have a lot to do with the offense.”Klis went on to add that whichever coach Denver chooses, keeping some continuity among the assistants and coordinators is a priority for Denver and that factored into their head coaching search. If Fangio is hired, Klis believes defensive line coach “Bill Kollar is definitely coming back”, linebackers coach, Reggie Herring potentially could be back. Another interesting nugget is that Joe Woods could potentially be brought back as “defensive coordinator” in name, but Fangio would oversee the defense and handle play-calling duties.The only coaches that potentially would not be returning would be the secondary coaches, which would make sense if Joe Woods stayed, as he would likely pickup some of those duties, and tight ends coach Geep Chryst. and dependent on which direction Denver ultimately decides to go, but it sounds like they have a plan pretty well laid out if Fangio is the selection.What do you think, Broncos Country? Would you be happy with this setup?

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