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I'm Fuji XE1 user with 2 lens a 35mm f1.4 and 14mm f2.8. I like the Fuji X-trans sensor, it's very much better than my Nikon DSLR bodies most of everything except speed.
For assignment, XE1; the most I can get was 300 shots in an hour compare I can get over a thousand with DSLR.

The most interesting from Fuji at the moment was the 35mm lens, it's so sharp wide open. So the old advice of “1 stop higher” not really works nowadays.

For shooter use to Raw + Jpeg, we use to know how messy or space consumption is going to be and why we need Raw for Auto WB issue. With Fuji, the Jpeg was so good, I hardly bother Raw. I used an adaptor at the fastest Nikon manual lens 50mm f1.2 on Fuji body, I hit tack sharp focus point easily while I have to pray with Nikon bodies.

If anyone of user here using the Fuji X-Trans, mind to share?
Camera: Fuji XE1
Lens: Fujinon 35mm

Exif date: 5/29/2013 7:53:37 PM
Exposure: 1/52s
Aperture: f1.4
ISO: 400

Editing: Crop, darken the part below mats, level adjustment and resize.

by Alexlky 18 june 2013

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