Now switching brands. Any Nikon users out there?

Hi everyone. As the subject suggests, I'm about to switch brands from Pentax to Nikon. I've been using Pentax since 2008 when I first bought a DSLR, and have learnt/developed so much since then, I've got to the point where I am now a professional photographer, with several weddings/events under my belt, but more importantly I am now selling prints of my work and holding exhibitions, I will be purchasing a Nikon D800E as my main camera and a D600 as a second body. I've researched extensively what lenses I want, but still, it would be great to get the benefit of 'real' experience with this community in terms of what full frame lenses you use/recommend, I look forward to hearing about your experiences.


by Snootchies 11 october 2013 6 replies

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