Freezing Movement or Motion Blur

I like to share few pictures of my shooting. Do correct me if any write up was wrongly describe.

a) I like to use high shutter speed to freeze action shot or movement when:-

1. The background is good and clean.
2. Getting Dreamy bokeh background
3. Or background with any straight vertical beam, wall or tree to show how slanting the subject (like the bike took the turn).
4. Sometime I purposely bring in background distortion like this image title "Balancing Act'

b) When I'm snapping action picture or street full of people, I like to try motion blur. For street, I try low speed within 2s to 1/4s with monopod. I use Tripod with few minutes shutter speed if I want to evaporize all the moving people. I guess with motion blur shot, I don't need to ask everyone in the street to sign model release if all their face become.... alien. "Jonker Walk"

c) Panning: I like to take panning shot because it show movement. And not to worry about the background too. I think this is what describe in this month contest 'movement'.

My panning shot most of time is a try and error shots to find the setting. When I found the require aperture and the shutter speed, I'll get the sharpness. When panning with hands, I find that almost all my shots fail. The main subject do have a slight motion in it too. So, I use body turn. I anchor my two elbows strongly against my body and turn in one piece. "Too old for action"

Thanks for reading. Alex.

by Alexlky 21 february 2014 4 replies

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