When I screw up, I crop.

You'll probably notice that in a lot of my critiques I suggest a crop to make the image better but that's only my opinion and worth the paper it's written on, sometimes.

Sometimes it's because there was something in the frame that I didn't notice at the time I took the shot. A lot of the time it's because I was not concentrating on the basics like, is the horizon level?

It is ALWAYS best to get it right in camera, that's a given.
But, there are times when a simple crop can save an otherwise so-so image and yo can get an image you're much happier with.

A lot of the time you become so "married" to your photo you don't see the obvious and that is why asking for a critique is a valuable learning experience for both the critic and the photographer.

SO, crop away, it's a technique I use to make me feel like I hadn't wasted and entire weekend shooting if I can get a couple images right the first time, great. If I can salvage a shot or two otherwise... I'm happy.

by Keith 2 march 2014 5 replies

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