Tripod Manfrotto vs Vanguard

Recently won a $500 gift certificate from Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest and I am looking to upgrade my tripod from my trusty rough and tumble Slik Pro340DX to either a Mnafrotto 190XPROB with a ball head OR the Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT with ball head (SBH-100).
Both at about the same cost dollar wise but am not too sure about the quality of the Vanguard. What it does have going for it is that the center column can swivel 180 deg where the Manfrotto can only swivel 90 deg.
Manfrotto seems to be better constructed but that could just be the quality of their web site which is quite slick.
Any opinions and or experience out there using either tripods or one or the other?

by Keith 13 march 2014 6 replies

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