Panoramas - gear for sale

Interested in creating panoramas?
If extreme wide angle panoramas are something you are looking into you'll need three things.

A sturdy tripod.

A special unit that you mount onto your trusty tripod that will allow you to rotate your camera around its "Nodal Point".
I use a Panosaurus Pano Head. (an older model than the new one they have but is essentially the same thing)
* more info can be seen here:
"What the heck is a nodal point" you ask?
The "Nodal Point" is the point in your lens where the light converges when traversing through the lens barrel.
"Why is this important"? Another good question.
If you attempt to make a stitched panorama just by placing your camera on the tripod and take photos from left to right and you manage to get enough overlapping image area you will more than likely notice that when your software attempts to stitch you images together you'll end up with an image that has uneven tops and bottom. That is to say all images together will create a wavy or a single wave or hump (usually in the middle) and this means that you will have to crop a good majority of your image to get a decent result.

Good stitching software.
Photoshop does a good job at stitching but falls short when blending the exposures together.
I use Autopano Pro. A great piece of software I highly recommend. It is a lot better at stitching images and generating a good even tonal range across multiple images.
Of course it's always best to try to get as even an exposure as you can in camera but this can be a difficult thing to achieve if you're shooting into the sun.

So, now you know what you need.
I just happen to have purchased a super duper high end Panoramic mount and no longer have the need for my Panosaurus Pano Head so I am selling it off.
I would like to have $50 US for it. Shipping would be extra and depending on where you live the shipping cost will have to be something I will have to look into to get an accurate amount.

Here are some links to some photos that I took with this unit.

and a link to a photo that is just only one image from the finished product. This photo was taken with a 14mm lens.
Just to show how huge an area I managed to capture when all photos were stitched together.

Some photos of the unit itself.

Send me an email if you're interested.

by Keith 25 april 2014 1 reply

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