How Cheap is TOO cheap

hey guys. So im planning a promotional day in the town i live in and im wondering how much do you think is too cheap.

I want it cheap enough so that its sustainable, expensive enough that they believe that I am good quality but at a price where I will get enough clients to fill a good days worth of shooting (say 30 minutes per basic shoot so maybe 10-14 people).

my town is not my usual market. because i plan on moving to the city i generally tend to travel for a couple of days at a time and do shoots while im away.

The people in my town (town of 5000 farming community) are generally relatively poor or less than 1% ridiculously rich. so while in practise elsewhere i have no issues charging $250 for a mini shoot. I am not sure if i would even get 5 people who would pay $20 here.

FOR EXAMPLE At last years xmas parade i had a booth doing santa photos. charge was $5 which is a good 3-5$ cheaper than in the city. the woman I had on the desk ended up letting most people through for $2 because they argued about the price.

reasons for doing this now? it seems i may be stuck here somewhat longer than i would have hoped and i am getting bored. i currently havent picked up my camera for atleast 2 months and i just need to get out and do "something".

So back to my original question...
how much is too cheap.

hall hire for a day is less than $50 and an 8x10 would cost about $3 so does anyone have any suggestions?

by halowormsbey 18 september 2012 7 replies

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