Ariston Collander
United States
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I first got started in photography back in 2004 or so with a humble Sony DSC-F717. As much as I would love to say that I was old school and dealt with film, that just wasn't the case. I am a child of the digital age and proud of it. From there I stepped into the DSLR realm with a Nikon D50 and from that point on I have been a dedicated Nikon shooter. My current body is an aging D300 but it's still going strong.

In terms of what I shoot and my style, I currently specialize in beauty and glamour photography with a touch of fine art nudes. My setup is very simple: a black or white backdrop, with one or two lights. I truly enjoy photographing the female form and displaying my work wherever I can. I, like many others, see photography as a creative outlet. I work in technology which can be cold and hard sometimes. I let my creativity run wild when I am behind the camera and try to build a rapport with my models so we can both achieve greatness.