Curtis Henderson
United States
Huntington, Indiana
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About me:
Old film guy recently introduced to the DSLR World.
I caught the photo bug shortly after high school where I got myself a 35mm SLR and started shooting film, mostly slide film but dabbled with B&W and print film. I read everything I could back then to learn the technical side of the equipment as well as photo techniques. I slowly built my gear up as I learned about all the different types of photography genres. Then life happened; a job, schooling, marriage, and kids which obviously delegated “picture taking” to a back seat in my life. Fast forward 35 years to today, the kids are grown and mostly through college and with retirement rising on the horizon, I have rediscovered my passion of photography. Although the equipment has changed drastically from my earlier days and can be awfully overwhelming at times, I get satisfaction in knowing that my “Photographic Eye” is still alive and active!

Looking ahead, I am eager to continue my re-education in photography’s technological advances while exploring the many fields of photographic expression to develop my “Eye”. My larger hopes are to use my photographic skills to create an enterprise with which to support my passion and help launch my “Second Career”.