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I am a 3rd generation Colorado Springs native. I grew up under a long line of military service which I also carried on myself. I have been a world traveler since the age of one year old and continued that well into my adult life. During that time I have been exposed to nearly every form of art and culture which I feel has given me a rare opportunity to find my own form of expression through art.

I've had some training in various medias of art but always gravitated back to photography. My earliest memories take me back to my first camera at the age of five. I went through a wide range of cameras over the years that followed and for the most part remained self taught till my adult years.

While serving in the US Navy, I was given some formal instruction in both still and videography for my photojournalist roles. My Naval career took many twists and turns affording me with a very diverse resume and set of specialized skills. Each became a passion of mine on different levels. Following my Naval career I have worked as a Public Relations Specialist, Print News Photojournalist, Radio Dee-Jay, Catalog Photographer and Designer, Fashion Photographer , Art Director and a Television News Photojournalist. Currently I work as a television news photojournalist and assignment editor for a local television station in Colorado Springs.

I have and some times still do upon request led photographic workshops and photo safaris throughout Colorado. I like to pass on the passion of what I do from an artistic approach rather than the scientific. So if you're interested in a private lesson or a guide to some of Colorado best places for great scenic photography, just drop me a line.

My still photography took me to more places than I ever imagined it would, till I finally settled on my true passion for outdoor and nature landscape photography. I was able to combine my love of the outdoors with my expression through art. I never had the patience to draw or paint a grand landscape , flower or wild animal, but when I first peered through the view finder of a camera I knew I had found my calling.

While you visit this website, I hope you see the passion I have for our most precious resource and are as moved as I was when I came upon each scene. I go to great lengths to make each photograph as exacting as the actual scene I witnessed. I use only corrective filters to help my camera see as I do and when using photo shop I use it to clean out defects such as dust and objects that were not part of the scene and finally crop to fit the best composition of the image. Nothing in my work is added to an image that was not a natural part of the scene.

I have been a Nikon eqiuipped photographer for most of my career, I made the digital switch to Nikon DSLRs in 2003 with the Nikon D70. Since that time I have upgraded from one model to another as pixel ranges increase and other basic features improve. I use Manfrotto Tripods and heads and Nikon Lenses. I edit my work with Adobe Photoshop on a PC based system. One of my newest gadgets added is the new EyeFi Pro wireless SD Card. It allows me 8 gigs of storgae plus the ability to wirelessly transmit my images to my editing system opening more memory space on my SD Card for nearly limitless shooting.

I think that the recognition of having my work published by Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Kodak and several other publications world wide is a testimate to the dedication I have to accuracy in each photograph I make.

I would like to thank my wife who has supported me in my treks and misadventures. My parents for giving me the creative spark and the following photographers for inspiring me through their work; Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, Marc Meunch, Art Wolfe, John Shaw, George Lepp, Rich Buzzelli, Richard Norman, Andy Cook and most of all, GOD the original creator, teacher, artist and photographer!