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So, just who is this yahoo commenting on my photos you might ask?
Let me fist explain my methodology. If I have indeed commented on your photo it is because I probably was intrigued by the thumbnail or I saw something that I knew in my heart that I could possibly help the photographer with. I never mean to give destructive criticism but only positive critiques. I tend to not read reviews posted before mine so as not to be influenced by the opinion of others. I will try to give suggestions to fix what I perceive to be issues with a photograph. Even though it may be construed as Pixel Peeping, and if that's the case, rest assured it is because your photo is of a very good standard and I only "pixel peep" the best.

If I haven't commented on your photo, don't take it personally. I don't comment on all photos as I just don't have that many hours in a day to dedicate to critiquing every thing I see. If I haven't given any feedback it may be because someone else had posted a critique that reflects what I feel and there is no sense repeating the same sentiment or suggestions or, it may be that there is nothing I feel I could say (on a positive note) so I elect to not say anything at all. You know what your mom told you when you were young, "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all." A good piece of advice. I will offer advice if you so desire if you email me directly though.

I consider myself a serious amateur photographer which is probably the best category to place me in. I've been interested in photography since I was nine years old and my mother gave me a plastic camera from the corner drug store that cost about $10.00. A lot of money for what it was back in 1966. I recently, well five years ago really if you want to call that recently, delved into digital photography after my Minolta X700 started giving me trouble. I figure I deserved a new camera since the last one I bought (Minolta X700) was back in 1982, Now I shoot with an Olympus E510. Mostly with the kit lens but also acquired some adapter rings so that I could use my old Minolta lens. This made the camera more spousal friendly!
I have many years of experience in actual Darkroom work flow. Dealing with Black and White films and paper so, the digital darkroom is just an extension to my physical darkroom knowledge
I enjoy nature photography and have recently played around with HDR and multiple photos stitched together to make huge panoramas.
I strive to be better at my chosen hobby and I am always open to suggestions on how I can make my photos above average.
If you've read this far down the description I applaud you for your kindness in taking an interest. I can get long winded at times.