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My life as an aspiring photographic artist began in March, 2011. Obviously I'm very much a photography infant but I'm also a photography fanatic. I married in 2009 and became a father in September 2010. I've always been fascinated with photography but the kid motivated me to get my first DSLR. I have a Nikon D3100 and an unquenchable thirst for learning technique and composition. I'm a VP at a B2B publisher but most of my spare time (outside of family time) is spent researching photography technique and taking pictures. I have a full knowledge of my camera and operate full manual (I've had a local pro guiding me to help me get to this point this quickly). Most of my work is landscape and nature based but I'm very much interested in developing off camera lighting skills as well.

This appears to be a great site for getting feedback beyond flickr's "Great shot" and "here's an award" and "join our group". That's why I'm here. I'm hoping to get feedback that helps me develop.