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I am photography addict :) As many women I started shooting when my child was born. I didn't have my own camera so I borrowed one from my sister and as I was not satisfied with the photographs made using green mode and pop-up flash I started self-education process :) Everything I know about photography and post processing I know from books, blogs, forums. I would eagerly receive a degree in photography, but in Kazakhstan we don't have such an opportunity (unfortunately) there are numerous photography courses but I don't need them as everything they will tell me I've already known from books, I need more practice, that is why I was looking for a community, where more experienced members could give me some critical feedback and I will teach something more :)) Also I am very interested in retouching, today I devote a lot of time to study retouching techniques. The only thing I know for sure is I never coming back to my previous job as soon as my maternity leave is over.. wish to become professional photographer as I can't see my life without it anymore.