Carlin Schaper
South Africa
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About me:
IM a free spirit photographer that enjoys a challenge

i prefer doing outdoor work as being indoors makes me uncomfortable.

For me photos are a better way to tell a story....

i want them to speak volumes of emotion and energy being felt within the earth.

iv never had training but the passion and thrill of a dangerously close encounter with some of my subjects is what drives me.

I'm currently 20yrs old.

Female, and reside in South Africa-for those of you who have never been to africa let alone south's not for sissies. :)

i hope looking through my lense inspires you all to love before you lose, appreciate the clouds-every day god paints something new on his sky canvas and realize how powerful your thoughts are.


if you have any photographic challenges or projects for me please drop me a messege or email.

much love.