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We love photography! And have been taking photos for several years now. We aren't pro, but we want to learn and improve. Learning works great by getting feedback from other photographers. We noticed getting feedback on other photography communities can be very hard. So we wanted to build a community where we encourage to give helpful feedback. That's how Focussion was born! A new kind of photography community.

Owners of the community

We are Michiel and Aljan, two Dutch photographers!

Michiel Steendam & Aljan Scholtens, owners of the photography community

Michiel (36) shoots with the Nikon D200! Next to Focussion he is concepter and programmer and owns a concepting agency Inventive Mind. He makes sure every technical aspect of the community works awesome. If you have any questions for Michiel, send him a message.

Aljan (24) shoots with the Canon 40D and loves landscape photography. He runs the Dutch design agency Studio Wolf and is UI-designer. He creates all the beautiful elements all over the photography community. Want to know more? Mail him.

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