John Dunkle
United States
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I've been involved at various levels with photography since 1971 - learning technique and the darkroom. Today, I shoot real estate commercially for real-estate agents for their higher-end listings as well as what I shoot "for me". While I still shoot film (B&W, C-41 and E-6) at times, most of my "darkroom work" is now a "digital workflow". For both film & digital - I shoot primarily Nikon (Film- F3HP, FA, FM2, FE2) (Digital - D200/D5100/D5200/D610/D800) - and have for decades. Recently, I've started to "branch out" to Sony mirrorless systems - Sony Alpha A7R and Sony NEX 6 & 7.

If I offer my feedback on an image, please know I'll try to never offend you - unless you only offer up silly, meaningless "critiques" on a frequent and constant basis in an effort to simply get more "upload tokens". If you do that, you have been warned.

Any image natively is excellent - which is what makes it's yours - your "thumbprint", as it were. It represents what "you and your minds-eye" have captured to share and see with the rest of us. Therefore, many of my comments will attempt to offer suggestions for improvement at a technical level - rather then a critical view of your artistic interpretation.

Finally, I joined this site to solicit feedback and constructive criticism - as Flickr, 500px and Fotoblur are great for "att'a boys" and "I like that!!" - but I don't really want "att'a boys". Rather, I want comments and critiques to improve - not to make me "feel good" about my current level of photography skills.

- John